Conversation about Leasing Space: November 15

Posted on November 8, 2009

It’s Not Like it was Before
This Time it is about Money
Come Join in a Conversation about Leasing Space
November 15th at 9:15 AM

Several years ago Pastor Cooper came to us to ask if their church could lease space at our church. Council entertained the thought for a while before Pastor Cooper himself dropped the idea. About a year later Pastor Cooper came back and reintroduced the idea of leasing. Again we entertained the idea. As we considered the first response without regard to money, we entertained the second request. Only this time our coming year’s finances were predictably tougher than before. We could see how it would be helpful to us financially. Because we had entertained
the first request without concern for our finances we therefore rightly said “it wasn’t about the money.” The request ended up not passing the congregational vote. The idea was behind us.

This time it is about the money. We have an opportunity to lease space again. This time it is a different church, Thanksgiving Tabernacle, pastored by Rev. Edsel Duréus. (Pastor Duréus has participated in Thanksgiving services with our church before. Some of you may remember him from those evenings.)

The council has not made any decisions regarding the possible lease situation except to say, “Let’s bring this before the congregation and have a conversation about it.” If our financial lot had not changed we wouldn’t have even entertained this so soon after the prior vote. But because we are in a much tighter financial situation the council decided to go ahead bring it before the church to hear your thoughts. So please come and find out about the situation and in turn share your thoughts. We’ll see you November 15th during Sunday School hour in the sanctuary.

Pastor Joel