Potluck, Games & Faith Webbing!

Posted on May 29, 2018


Growing & Nurturing Faith in our Children, Grandchildren, Youth & Young Adults           

Sundays (following worship): June 24, July 15 & August 12

If you’re able, bring a dish to share; though still come if bringing food is challenging or unworkable.

The POTLUCK will be great!

GAMES will be FUN!

and… learning about FAITH WEBBING will be INVALUABLE!

Are you concerned about the faith of children, youth or young adults that you know … your grandchildren, sons, daughters or others in your sphere of influence?

Well, there is something highly effective that YOU CAN EASILY DO!

            ***What if we were to start with the “outcomes” we would like to see in our children as they grow into youth and finally adults that are fully equipped with lifelong faith and a relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord, and living a life that is “worthy of Him?

            ***Then with each of these “outcomes,” intentionally reflecting and praying about … how can we  make these outcomes into reality?

            ***We will then build a “web” of faithful people to make it happen!

Over many years, Gary and Laurie Pecuch, youth and family ministry consultants of the North American Lutheran Church have intentionally developed this approach. From their expertise, wisdom and vast experience, they will teach us via video how all of us with our varying life experience and gifts can participate in this important work. All of us are needed. Our grandchildren, children, youth and young adults need the entire Body of Christ, including YOU not just a small few. Also, no need for a professional youth minister, youth sponsors or youth committee! Come and discover how you can play an important but comfortable part!

Here is the “faith webbing” website (https://www.faithwebbing.com/) and some very short but valuable and powerful introductory videos that you can watch:

 Different material will be covered on each of the above dates. Actually all of the material is applicable to people of any age, not just our children, youth and young adults. It is not a program. It is something we can all very effectively and informally do, without a youth group.

If you aren’t able to make one of the sessions, you can still participate in the other sessions and learn valuable, helpful and practical information without being at all the sessions. This will be our Vacation Bible School!

We will need our faithful pray-ers also … praying for our grandchildren, children, youth and young adults as well as all of us who will intentionally form a web of faith around them, working on these outcomes together!

Let us begin to pray now! Here is an awesome and powerful prayer written by an acquaintance of our family, Paula Renee Crutcher Cornelius wrote. Pray with me and let’s start a new prayer movement for our grandchildren, children, youth and young adults! I am attempting to pray it daily. Won’t you join me?

Paula wrote:

“My prayer for my children today is, “Lord keep them.” Seems simple, it’s loaded.

-when they don’t want to be kept
-keep their minds
-keep their hearts
-keep their bodies
-keep them by your grace
-keep them from themselves
-keep their eyes on You alone
-keep them in your love
-keep them in your Word
-keep from the wisdom that is not Yours
-keep them from prisons & hospitals & cancers & diseases
-keep them holy & pure
-keep them as servant/leaders
-keep them well financially etc
-keep them Father, keep them.

I Peter records that we are KEPT by the power of God. Keep me has been my anthem to my Lord and He has been faithful. Pray it and the One called faithful is able to perform it. He’s still keeping me. Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in Him always and He will give you the desire of your heart.”

Blessings and press on with Jesus!

Pastor Wendy