Lenten Food Challenge

Posted on March 9, 2009


On Sunday, March 8, Judy Knoll announced a challenge to our church. That morning, she weighed all of the youth and children in Sunday school, which totaled around 2,500 pounds. She has challenged the congregation to bring our youth and children’s weight in food to church during the season of Lent to be donated to the Cedar Hill Food Pantry.

Each month the Food Pantry provides the following food items to families in our community:

  • 1,460 tomato products
  • 2,920 cans of vegetables
  • 1,460 soups
  • 1,460 cans of fruit
  • 1,460 cans of meat
  • 1,460 packages of pasta, rice, or dried beans
  • 1,460 boxes of cereal

Let’s work together to give the Cedar Hill Food Pantry an Easter gift of 2,500 pounds in food donations. You can learn more about the Food Pantry by going to CedarHillFoodPantry.org.