New Lutheran Church Launched

Posted on August 30, 2010

The North American Lutheran Church was launched August 26th, 2010 at the annual Lutheran Coalition for Renewal national gathering in Columbus, Ohio.  The North American Lutheran Church is similar to the ELCA that used to exist prior to the August 09 vote in Minneapolis, only they have a much flatter organizational structure and congregations are given more power in the decision of the church.  (National decisions of consequence, such as the vote that happened in Minneapolis in August 09, would have to be ratified by congregations of the NALC before they would be adopted.)  The NALC is similar to the ELCA of old in that its sexuality policy is very similar to the ELCA’s policy before the ELCA changed.

Go to for information regarding the new church denomination.  Also, at this website you will see Lutheran Coalition for Renewal also has an ELCA arm.  In this way pastors will be able to connect with likeminded pastors while remaining in the ELCA.

Gene Janke’s sister’s church, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pflugerville, Texas recently left the ELCA and joined Lutheran Congregations in Mission For Christ.  LCMC has been receiving many former ELCA churches and is a second viable option for congregations who are looking for a home after the ELCA left them in August 09.  The LCMC is not a denomination per say but rather an association of Lutheran congregations.  In other words, LCMC is more loosely connected to each other than those churches connected in a denomination.  For more information about Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ go to

For more information yet, go to  There you will fine perspective on the developments of the last ten years.

I have pledged to keep you informed about these matters, and will continue to do so.

Pastor Joel