Spiritual Growth & Training Disciples!

September 28, 2014

Jesus “calls” all who trust in Him to “be” trained as His disciples, knowing, following and serving Him. Jesus also “calls” all who trust in Him to “make” disciples. Church in Biblical Greek literally means “called out ones.” “Ones” … ordinary people “called” by Jesus “out” to transform the world… this is church! We believe this “call” to be and make disciples for the purpose of transforming the world is the only scriptural vision for “church” … though the specifics of “how” can happen in a variety of ways … means and methods.

For a fuller explanation and discussion, click here to view an article entitled, “Anxious Times: ‘Church Growth’ and Making Disciples,” written by Pastor Wendy and published in the Fall 2014 issue of the evangelical Lutheran magazine, Connections (Sola Publishing). Click here to view the article as it appears in the magazine.

In addition to regular worship and prayer opportunities, here is a sampling of spiritual growth and discipleship opportunities for all ages:

  • Timothy Project Bible Study (during the school year): Opportunity to intensely read and study the Holy Scriptures, learn an in-depth study method and to listen for Jesus’ personal practical voice in His word.
  • Children’s and Adult Sunday School: Sometimes adult Sunday School studies a section of Scripture. Sometimes, it will study a Scriptural theme, perhaps using an additional written resource.
  • Children’s and Adult Vacation Bible School: Focusing upon a scriptural theme such as missions or call.
  • Small Groups: Small groups combine faith conversation, fellowship, prayer, service and discussion-based scriptural study. Groups are encouraged to study the Bible. Sometimes, they will study a Christian book.

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