Joel and Wendy Berthelsen

Senior Pastor and Pastor of Ministry in Daily Life
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Pastors Joel and Wendy have partnered together both in ministry and at home for many years now. Having complementary gifts, they have a passion for each person in the church to know and live out their call from God: the call to know, follow and serve Jesus. They believe that each person is unique and God desires to custom design His church around people; therefore, Hope and every other church gathering should be unique. Joel and Wendy believe that God’s call has to do with all of life, one’s work, family, community and world. They are graced and honored to be the parents of four wonderful children, Amara, Stefan, Philip and Ana. Joel graduated from the University of Minnesota and Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN (Master of Divinity). Wendy graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and Luther Seminary as well (Master of Divinity). Most of Wendy’s time as a pastor is devoted to Call, Inc., a non-profit teaching mission of Hope Lutheran Church.

Lori Luster

Parish Secretary
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