Last Letter from the Intern

Posted on December 15, 2009

It seems like I just began my internship, but it is almost time for me to depart from Hope Lutheran Church. Since I’ve been here I have had numerous experiences, lessons, and opportunities within youth ministry. A few of the most memorable experiences include: watching the youth wholeheartedly help others while leaving deposits of hope, teaching some of them how to drive a car with a manual transmission, and discovering the difference in seasons of youth ministry. Among the many lessons I have learned the main thing I have been taught is the importance of developing lessons that foster discussion and interaction with the youth. Also, the Church has given me many opportunities, but I most cherish being able to build relationships with both teens and adults.

To be honest youth ministry is a lot like welding. A person can read all about welding, but once they attempt it they discover welding is nothing like reading a book. Similarly I have been taking classes and preparing for the field of youth ministry for three years now, but without the experience of this internship I know I wouldn’t have been fully prepared for my future career. The ministry of this Church involves helping individuals find their calling and by having an intern the Church is doing that. Hope is blessed to have Matt Cleaver an intelligent, ministry minded youth minister, that has shown me more than I can ever explain. I want to personally thank Matt, Alicia, Joel, Wendy, Steve and Kathy Harr, the congregation, and especially the youth for the chance to be a part of your church and lives. Also a special thanks to the parents of the youth for being so open and trusting of their intern. December 20, I will be heading back to Arkansas to finish the spring semester at JBU and graduate with a degree in Youth Ministry. Once again thank you so much!

In Love and Peace,
Zach Poulter