Lease Possibility: Hears Thoughts & Share Information – Jan. 3

Posted on December 21, 2009

January 3rd, during the Sunday School hour, we will sit down around the tables in the Fellowship Hall to hear information and share thoughts and feelings about the possible leasing of our Church.

Rev. Edsel Dureus met with our Congregation on November 15th to share about his church, Thanksgiving Tabernacle. The approximately 50 average attending congregation presently meets at Lake Ridge Elementary School. Cedar Hill has raised their rates by 3x. They are seeking a more affordable situation.

The council was highly impressed with Rev. Dureus’ presentation and poise as he fielded questions. From the responses the council thought we should pursue sensing the pulse of the congregation by completing a lease document that would give specific information about the possible arrangement so members could look it over in detail.

Council then charted a course of information giving and hearing at three sessions. The first, as stated above, is set for January 3rd during the Sunday School hour. The other two will be on two different evenings, the dates and times yet to be set.

The lease document will be made available in a variety of ways, website, email, and hard copy. We ask that those who can take it electronically to do so. It saves on paper.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with council members, including pastor.

Pastor Joel