Mission & Discernment Process: April & May

Posted on March 30, 2016

Mission & Discernment: Begins Saturday, April 2

Lord Jesus Christ, renew and increase in all of us, your Holy Spirit and power in your name, AMEN

Please see Pastor Wendy’s invitation below where she gives the details regarding Mission Discernment. I pray that you will prayerfully consider attending along with me. I am hopeful that these 8 hours or so, will reap a spiritual harvest for our church and for me personally. Won’t you consider joining us?

Thank you,
Raymond Luster, Council President

Beginning on Saturday April 2 (9am, Berthelsen home)… Breakfast will be served.

All of the Council and also anyone interested from the congregation will be invited to participate in a prayerful listening and discernment process, regarding the outward focus of our church and how that relates to the inward focus of our church. Participation will be optional for all. We will focus on the following: spiritual growth, foreign mission, church renewal, works of compassion, call, domestic mission, witness, evangelism and how all of these are related. We will focus on our present strengths and also engage listening prayer to see if the Lord will reveal anything new regarding our future. We will consider this individually as well us collectively (how the Lord is leading us together). We will invite Jesus to rule and reign over this process and the Holy Spirit to empower all of us. We will expect our Lord Jesus to work as He did through common ordinary fishermen and tax collectors, perhaps working through something as small as a “mustard seed,” giving birth to something of significance over time. We will not predict the outcome. This has already been brought before the Council in general terms.

Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba, North American Lutheran Church Assistant to the Bishop for Mission and some of his staff teams have done training, gave presentations and prepared materials for such a process, focusing on one of the NALC’s values, “Mission-Driven. Some in our congregation have been a part of these sessions. Each of our times together, we will use some of these presentations and materials. In addition, we will have times of intentional prayerful listening, waiting to see if the Lord might reveal something new to us.

We will do this over four Saturday mornings in April and May, beginning at 9am and lasting two hours. Here are the tentative dates: April 2, April 16, April 30 and May 14. We will shift the time and dates if needed.

Please RSVP or indicate an interest even if you cannot come to the April 2 session.

Pastor Wendy