Zach Poulter’s Last Sunday—December 20

Posted on December 14, 2009

It’s hard to believe, but Zach Poulter’s youth ministry Internship is almost over. Please join us on Sunday, December 20 at 9:15 AM for a pancake breakfast and going away party for Zach.

Since coming to Hope on May 26, Zach has grown and matured during his time of service here. He helped us to make the necessary changes within our staff as Pastor Wendy made the decision to devote her time to the ministry of Call Inc. We have also had the privilege of training another leader for service in the church, helping Zach to discern his unique call to know, follow, and serve Jesus Christ. While he may no longer be at Hope Lutheran Church, we know that he will continue to use the lessons he learned here in service to God’s church and world. I hope you will wish him all the best and keep him in your prayers as he goes back to Arkansas to complete his final semester at John Brown University.

– Matt Cleaver